Waking up early morning at saturday around 6:30 AM is not my thing. But it happened this time and i was ready to take bus at 7:30 😐 .

Why! why is that so? Why to wake up that early at saturday morning? Thats a million dollars question right here.

Well! i was asked ” will you go to Lifjellet Sandness Norway with me? ” and my answer was “yes i will” while i had no idea about Lifjellet. Now I do and I am going to tell you all about it. Let me tell you something that no other mountain has such a good view of the Stavanger area as Lifjellet do. The mountain is easily recognizable by its high Transmission Tower. From the top you have a panoramic view over the Gandsfjord, Stavanger, Jæren and from Sandnes to Rennesøy. Lifjellet is a very popular destination. The trails are well marked and well-trodden. There are two different tracks to the top.

Distance 1

Distance 2




1.9 km

5.7 km

3 – 4 hours from Parking Add an hour if taking bus from Stavanger

282 m

405 m

The whole trip is marked with red T’s and most intersection have direction signposts. The path is well trodden and easy to follow. The terrain switches between dense forests, sheltered valleys, and beautiful view of fjord. It is a hilly walk with a couple of steep and rocky ups and downs. It is not a tough track, they have make it a very easy going trail.




Drive at the road 317 from Sandnes along Gandsfjord to the Dale. When the road ends, turn right. You can park at the left or continue straight ahead between the buildings. If you turn left you drive through one building and park at the information board. Oh and these very old buildings here gives such a beautiful and vintage feeling.

Now its your choice, if you want to hike long or you are fine with a short trip. We walked the 5.7 km track going up and took the alternative while coming down. You will enjoy the view and track as you can see in the images. These are  fairly steep and rocky hills




going-up-view-from-lifjellet-sandness-stavanger-norway   another-going-up-view-from-lifjellet-sandness-stavanger-norway

From here you can clearly see the Radio and TV tower antennas. Keep following the red T that will keep you on the track. Soon you will be right on top where you can sign your name in the guest book. I like to do that 😀 .

It is recommended to carry some food and drinks with you. Water, coffee or tea, and food as your own choice. It will be quite windy over there. Be prepared because mostly its a bit cold. It was 3°C  when we started the hike and around 1:00 pm it had reached up to 15°C.


From Lifjell to dale we decided to take the different way than we took while going up. It was shorter and had all new scenery. This track leads to a beautiful lake about 1.2 km from the Lifjell. The track is mostly formed with rocky steps. Its worth to come this way.  As you can see


We were lucky enough that the day was sunny, sun was shining at its most and we could feel the temperature changing from 3 to 15. Layer after layer we kept removing our warm cloths. You can sit near the lake and have a cup of tea or coffee, enjoy the scenery and take some selfies :p . Very important to have better hiking shoes because this track is a bit wet. You dont want the water going inside your shoes or even worst if you slip on a rock. So be prepared.

1-down-view-from-lifjellet-sandness-stavanger-norway I am sure that after spending enough time at the lake you will be heading back to Dale, as we did so. It is about 1.6 km walk til Dale from the lake.

Wish you a great trip. Do post your comments if its been helpful 😉


Keep hiking




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